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Are you looking for an excellent local facial spa?

Jun 27

If you are looking for an excellent facial spa, we are here to help you. We will help you with eczema, acne, adult acne, rosacea, and more. If you do not have a skin condition and are just looking for anti-aging treatments or skin tightening, we can also help. We also help reduce your stress levels. Entering the River District Aesthetics environment can immediately remove unwanted stress and help create a way for you to relax genuinely. At River District Aesthetics, we offer non-surgical facial treatments to help you genuinely feel brighter. Our estheticians have good experience in providing skin-tightening facial therapies to all our clients.



Botox treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic facial procedure used to relax the muscles, which helps reduce wrinkles and skin lines, and provides us with anti-aging. Deep lines and wrinkles occur when the skin loses its elasticity, and that loss over time results in wrinkles, crows, feet, and more. Botox injection can smooth wrinkles by paralyzing them, helping increase the skin's elasticity, and providing you with the best anti-aging look you have ever seen. However, when the skin becomes compromised, collagen and hyaluronic acid, the wrinkles will begin to form. Botox injection treatment reduces these wrinkles. Many people ask if Botox works, and the truth is yes. Botox injections are not permanent, but the results are without question.

Chemical Peels are a safe cosmetic facial procedure that removes dead skin cells, provides a way for your face and body to help with acne and pimple scars, and smooths the texture of your skin. It also helps with the UV damage if you have any as well. We have skilled estheticians in Rock Hill who know how to create and provide chemical peels. Our chemical peels application process is second to none, provides rejuvenation to the skin, and provides a brighter and younger feel when you look into the mirror. 

At River District Aesthetics, we also provide dermaplaning. Derma planing is the simple facial process in which an esthetician removes dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin, which can also help with scars and wrinkles. Dermaplaning in Rock Hill, SC, can provide a way to help you without the fear of in-grown hairs. One of the best things about dermaplaning is the immediate results you get. It is truly one of the most refreshing feelings once complete.

The best feeling is when the dead skin cells are removed and the pores on your face are unclogged. Make sure you speak with a qualified esthetician to find out if dermaplaning is the best fit for you. 

You want to ensure that you find the right esthetician in Rock Hill, SC, to provide your facials. We offer many different facials at River District Aesthetics because each one is for a specific person's skin type. We have a classic facial option that provides general moisturizing, extraction, and exfoliation.

The peel facial is a facial treatment that helps with removing the outermost layer of skin. This facial treatment can enhance results by removing the buildup of skin. This peel is not just for facials but can be used for other body parts.



Our brightening facials do the best with sun damage. However, if you have UV damage, we can help. This facial treatment uses a combination of enzymes, masks, antioxidants, and more.



Anti-Aging Facials use the right tactics and masks to help get into the deep pore cleaning zone, providing the most hydration. Then, high-rich serums, collagen-based substances, and natural ingredients will help your skin turn back the clock.



Get the eyebrows you are looking for by our microblogging service here in our clinic. This procedure is the form of tattooing, whereby we implant pigment under your skin. Our machine or microblading tool allows us to deposit your skin pigment to your dermis so your eyebrows can pop. This is a semi-permanent solution to your eyebrow hair loss. The best thing about microblading over other eyebrow procedures is the natural look.

You can visit us here in River District Aesthetics, Facial Rock Hill, SC, or you can contact us for more information.