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Copen Grand EC at Tengah Town roads are submerged in the town's central zone

Aug 14

Copen Grand in Tangah will comprise an indoor polyclinic, as well as the outdoor marketplace, F&B stores, centers for enrichment, apart from restaurants and shops. The development will also include centres for children and learning, and an resident's committee. It will include an area that encourages community participation.

Take a look at Copen Grand EC site plans to view the facilities on present in this region. The brand new Copen Grand is located within Tengah Garden Walk, a new road is scheduled to be built. First EC is situated within Tengah New Town that will be constructed within the forest.

City Development Limited is one of the top real estate firms with its shares traded on the Singapore Exchange. It is one of the largest firms with more than 100 sites across the globe. Its portfolio includes residential and commercial hotels, shopping malls and retail hotels, as in addition to numerous hotel properties.

Find a location where you, and your family members , as well as your family members can thrive. What you're looking for is related to academics, work or just to relax, there are numerous places to unwind like centers such as shopping, schools or even a café. There are a lot of choices to choose from.

Copen Grand EC is situated within three MRT stations that are part of the plans to construct the complete Jurong Region Line. The three stations comprise Tengah (JS3), Tengah Plantation (JE1) and Hong Kah (JS4). Fourth station on the MRT is located in the Jurong Region. Jurong Region is located in Tengah Park (JE2).

The homes being built at Tengah City are situated within an unspoiled, natural zone and are completely natural. To maximise the positive benefits of the natural environment on the general well-being and health of the people who live in the area, HDB has applied its Biophilic Town Framework to guide improvements to the use of the natural resources that are currently used and to establish Communities within Tengah.

With the the assistance of Four MRT stations. The brand-new Tengah Town is expected to be the first city worldwide that is car-free. The idea is based on the fact that the roads are submerged in the town's central zone. The idea is not just to allow areas that are submerged beneath the surface, but also to use them to shop or relax and to in the creation of the town's central area that is a place with peace and security where residents can walk or cycle through.

A sports center, an community center as well as an indoor polyclinic are being built as part of expanding plans to the region. The land is 2 kilometers long. Copen Grand EC, URA has given 12 acres of property for use for the construction and expansion of schools. Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School are just two kilometers from each other.

Due to Copen Grand EC located in Tengah Town and is situated within Tengah Town so it is just a few minutes away from medical facilities as well as an athletic club that encourages an active, healthy life manner. Tengah EC is located in towns within the region, and is close to major transportation hubs as well as other facilities.

Copen Grand EC is located within 2 minutes from Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station. It's just two steps away from KJE and has a close to Pan-Island Expressway (PIE).