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Use Amazon Exact Match to get Relevant Clicks

Oct 31

The Amazon Advertising platform is one of the most powerful tools for getting your products in front of the right people, and it's only getting better. For example, you can now use keywords that are not relevant to the products you're selling or even your competitor's products. In addition, it gives you more control over where your ads appear and what they look like, but how do you know which keywords work best? To help answer that question, we're going to look at precisely what exact match is and why it should be part of every ad campaign on Amazon.

a brief overview of what keywords 

Keywords are a way for advertisers to find their ideal customers by knowing what keywords people are typing in when searching for products or services on Amazon. The more relevant the keyword is to your product, the better chance it'll rank higher when someone searches for it on Amazon. 

For example, if a buyer is looking for something like "dog food" or "diet pill," then those terms might not have much value as far as ranking goes (since there's so much competition). But suppose they search for something like "dog food," that would be considered more specific because people aren't going through hundreds of results. In that case, they're looking specifically at one brand with information on its ingredients, ingredients label size/type/color, reviews, etc. Moreover, if you use Amazon listing optimization strategies play a role in increasing your product's sales. Amazon's effective search engine optimization (SEO) works to help you make the best-selling items or products on Amazon marketplaces.

Importance of Amazon exact match keyword

If you're not using an exact match type, you might be getting a lot of irrelevant clicks. This is bad for business as it can mean that your ads are losing out on sales and conversions.

Only 10% of all clicks are relevant to the ad in question. The rest are non-relevant (or "unintended"). If you want more clicks from your ads, make sure they're relevant by specifying an exact match type in their title and description text area! Accurate match targeting may help boost your click-through rates, but avoid using this if you're a beginner to Amazon PPC management.

An exact match gives relevant clicks and saves money by reducing irrelevant clicks.

An exact match allows you to target specific keywords, phrases, or products. It means you can target your ads to a particular group of people searching for those exact words.

For example: If a buyer is looking for "red shoes" and they have never heard of you before—with other types of targeting options like broad or phrase match—you will only be able to see them if they are interested in red shoes! With the same game, though, now when someone types "red shoes" into Google AdWords (or any search engine), then clicks on one of your ads showing up at the top right corner next to their search query box: You'll know exactly why they clicked on it!

Relevant traffic leads to more conversions because you have better chances of hitting a user's intent.

The first thing to know about Amazon Exact Match is that it's a keyword-targeting tool. So rather than sending traffic to your website based on search queries, you can automate the process by sending targeted clicks and conversions.

There are many benefits of having Amazon EMM in place:

  • It gives you better chances of hitting a user's intent because it's closer to their target audience.
  • You get more relevant results.
  • You have better ROI (return on investment) because people who see this type of ad are more likely to convert;
  • It provides an overall better experience for both users and advertisers, as we'll discuss below!

Directing relevant traffic to your product description page helps increase conversion rates by showing the right products to the right people.

  • Relevant traffic is more likely to convert.
  • Relevant traffic is more likely to stay on the page longer.
  • Relevant traffic is more likely to buy your product.

Use Exact Match in your Amazon Campaigns for relevant clicks on your products.

An exact match is the best match type. It's used to show ads to people interested in your product. But it also offers your ads to those who are similar to them. You have a higher chance of hitting their intent because they're more likely to match your criteria than targeting those who don't fit into this profile. Directing relevant traffic leads directly to sales opportunities and can help increase conversions by up to 14%.

Why Amazon's exact match feature is so important?

Amazon Exact Match is the most relevant match type. It allows you to target a specific keyword and its variations so that each time you use a term in your ad copy, it will display only results that include that exact phrase.

If someone searches for "best website builder," they'll see ads from companies trying to sell their products based on those criteria, not irrelevant ones like "website builder." You can also use exact match for long tail keywords like "website design" or "websites" as well as broad ones like "content marketing" or even just plain old generic terms like "web designer."

How to enable an exact match in your Amazon-sponsored ads campaigns?

  • Go to your Amazon campaign settings.
  • Click on "edit" next to the campaign you want to edit.
  • Scroll down to the "Keywords" section and click on Add Keyword button.
  • Enter a keyword (e.g., "Amazon Exact Match") that is relevant to your product or service, then click the Save Changes button.

Benefits of using the Amazon exact match feature

There are several benefits of using the Amazon exact match feature.

  • Increase relevance of traffic: With this feature, you can increase the relevance of your traffic by matching keywords with the product title, ASIN, etc. Your ads will get more clicks when they have relevant keywords and descriptions.
  • Increase conversion rates: If you use this feature, people who see your ad will likely buy something from your website or store as they are highly interested in what they see in their search results compared to those who don't see it at all. Because there isn't anything related to them (no exact match). It means if that someone searches for "Amazon" and sees an ad for "Best Deals On Amazon" but doesn't click on it because their isn't any other information about what would lead them to buy something from that retailer, the reason is those consumers won't ever know who else offers similar deals but might not want them either (because they're not interested). However, if someone searches for "Amazon" and sees an exact match ad that includes both product name/description AND price range information along with images/sales pitch--then chances are good that person will click through!

When not to use exact match on your Amazon Ads campaigns

Amazon Exact Match is not always the best option. For example, if you're targeting broad keywords or if you have a low search volume keyword and want to target users looking for something specific, then an exact match might be a better option than a broad match. But if your goal is to get relevant clicks on your ads, then use exact matches as long as they are appropriate!

Exact match and the order of keywords

The order of your keywords is significant. You should have at least one exact match keyword in each ad group at the top of your keyword list. When creating an ad group, make sure that your exact match keywords are first in that group, and then fill out the rest of the slots with the broad, phrase, or related search terms.


Exact match is the most advanced Amazon PPC management keyword match type, which is why Amazon recommends it for more experienced advertisers. It not only helps to ensure that your ad is triggered solely by potential customers looking for your product at precisely this moment. But also allows you to form more targeted ad creatives since the data points you gather are more specific. If your businesses can still not do all these things, you do not have to worry because an e-commerce marketing consultant will get you out of this. We at Urtasker have professionals who help you do everything so your business can start working online. We research the product and price, so your product gets noticed more at a reasonable price, which is always acceptable for the user.